Bush Stay Luxury Lodges has first hand knowledge and experience to offer a full-spectrum, customised service to property owners.

Why partner with us?

  • We own and operate our own lodges thus having first-hand knowledge and experience of the organizational structures and processes behind a lodge operation.
  • Our flexibility allows us to tailor our management structures to suit each individual property and owner. We don’t have layers of management and complicated approval processes.
  • Our method and practice recognize and foster a direct connection between the work of every person in the organisation and our core goal of creating great guest experiences within a reliable and sustainable business system.
  • Our business is 100% transparent.
  • A tightly-integrated, high-performance results driven team aiming for continuous improvement. We continuously evaluate and respond to key measurements through the efforts of a non-hierarchy and highly motivated team.
  • We build brands, our aim is to give each individual property maximum media exposure, online and print media. In addition a busy schedule of local and international marketing trips contribute to strong local and international brand presence. In the end, though, it’s word-of-mouth and repeat business that has made us strong: the experiences guests have at our destinations is our best marketing by far.
  • With all of the above said, it boils down to return on investment, and that’s what we good at!!

MODITLO River Lodge